Cabinet Vision

Cabinet Vision is essential for businesses wanting to automate their operations. It allows you to automatically generate your shop drawings, 3D customer renderings, cutting lists, material requirements, estimating, CNC machining, and so much more


Cabinet Vision modules



Cabinet Vision is a full-featured, easy-to-use CAM solution for manufacturers wanting fast, efficient toolpaths and the generation of reliable, machine ready CNC code.

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Screen 2 Machine

S2M Center Ultimate is the ultimate solution for the shop with high-end CNC capabilities. S2M Center Ultimate includes all the functionality necessary to communicate your engineering data directly from your CAD software to your CNC machinery.

Top Features of S2M

– Communicate with your NC Drill and Dowel Machines
– Communicate with your automated NC Chop Saw Fences
– Communicate with other NC Machines such as Haunchers
– User Defined DXF Layer Schedules
– Batch Import of DXF Files from 3rd Party CAD Applications
– Control Feeds & Speeds of Tools by Material
– Control Maximum Depth Per Pass of Tools by Material
– ABC Axis Rotation
– Square Up and Manage Nest Off-Fall (with Nesting)
– Define Multiple Sheet Sizes per Material
– Take Advantage of Alphacam’s Power Directly (with Alphacam)
– Multiple Machine Selection
– DXF’s from 3rd Party CAD Applications Cabinet, Part, and Material Filtering
– Part Library Functionality
– Import/Export PNC Files
– Off-Fall Tracking (with Optimization)
– Drag and Drop Nest Parts (with Nesting)
– Nest by Cabinet Order (with Nesting)
– Automatic Tool Selection and Toolpath Generation
– Basic Toolpath Simulation
– Linked Part Outlines (with Nesting)
– Intelligent Small Part Handling (with Nesting)
– Pattern Diagram Printouts
– Integrated Simple Part Labels
– Integrated Reports
– Ability to Import

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