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ALPHACAM is intelligent and intuitive CAD/CAM Software for Woodworking, Metal and Stone Cutting.

The emphasis behind this product is to provide customers with productivity, reliability and flexibility. This can be found in all our modules which include Routing, Milling, Turning with 2-Axis to 5-Axis Machining.



Core is the foundation for your manufacturing needs, offering a wide range of essential functionality for part programming.

ALPHACAM xPositional

For manufacturers that have 4/5-axis machinery but don’t need the complexity of simultaneous motion
toolpaths, the xPositional multiplier is the perfect solution.

ALPHACAM xSimultaneous

Head mounted rotary axes on CNC routers can be programmed at any orientation. Support for 5-axis machinery with fully
interpolating heads


If you are working with solid models, xSolids provides the tools you need to import, prepare, and process your files for manufacture.


Minimize waste by getting the most parts per sheet of material, it’s industry leading nesting technology is productive, optimized, and efficient, and includes robust reporting for part traceability.

ALPHACAM xAutomation

Reduce programming time with smart tools to automate repetitive processes. With xAutomation, 2D and 3D CAD files, along with solid models from third party software, can be batch processed.

ALPHACAM xConstraints

Parametric part programming can save you hours of time and eliminate errors by creating rules for how certain part attributes are affected when other attributes change.

ALPHACAM xFixtures

If you need to control the placement, position, and movement of your machinery’s fixtures and clamps within your CAM system, xFixtures is the multiplier for you.


This multiplier allows you to tap into our powerful CAM engine utilizing standard programming languages to extend and customize the way the software functions.

ALPHACAM xRobotics

If you are needing to output your part programs to be handled by robotics applications, xRobotics is the multiplier for you. Output all the information your 3rd party robotics post processor needs.


This is a full featured, easy to use solution allowing for fast creation of 3D relief models. It features efficient toolpath creation and the generation of reliable, machine-ready CNC code.

ALPHACAM Casebuilder

Casebuilder, is an easy-to-use Order Entry manufacturing software solution that allows you to manufacture all your kitchen cabinet and/or commercial cabinet jobs.


  • 2D – 3D machining (3-Axis)
  • 3D Engraving (3-Axis)
  • Stone cutting custom functionality (Sawing, Polishing, and more)
  • Import CAD files
  • Parametric sketching
  • Basic Multidrill functionality
  • 2D CAD creation and editing
  • Utilities to handle STL mesh files
  • Full machining simulation
  • Common line removal for CAD repair (prepare for manufacture)
  • 3D Disc Machining
  • Standard reporting functionalities, including labels


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Monday – Thursday: 08:00 – 17:00

Friday: 08:00 – 14:30


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